Why Mosaics and Tapestries

Life is a tapestry of relationships we weave. The intricacies of the design are unique to us and the strength can vary like a patchwork quilt. The knots are not deformities but what adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the tapestry. Sometimes we have control over the tension of the threads and sometimes the pattern happens by itself.

Mosaics are intentional designs we create through our decisions as we pick the  pieces of each segment of our lives.

Coming from a mixed heritage with far reaching impact, I have a tapestry that has a pattern that integrates the bold richness of South Asian color and fabric and European understated elegance. In addition to my own mosaic designs, I have witnessed unusual workmanship of many lives that have crossed my path. These storied works of art are begging to be on display for the essence of their beauty and the complexities of culture and character.


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